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Blue Hills Rest Home Assisted Living Facility in Independence, Missouri

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Assisted Living Tidbits

Not being from Independence, we were quite surprised to learn how big this city actually is! Independence, at last count had over 121,000 residents, and of this population, Independence has a very large number of senior citizens! Currently, there are an estimated 18,719 seniors living in Independence, which represents 15.5 percent of the population. This is well over the US percentage of 12.6%.

Independence is in a strategic position geographically too! The City is located directly to the east of larger Kansas City, so seniors living in Independence can benefit from all of the wonderful things that the big city has to offer, like medical facilities, entertainment and shopping!

Although the bigger city will most certainly offer things that a smaller city perhaps can't match, we decided to take a closer look at specifically what the City of Independence has to offer it's local seniors, and it took a little digging but we did find a few things of note. Under the "Community Resources" tab on the City's website, we found a "Services and Assistance" page with a sub-section for Senior Services, and a handful of items that are helpful and relevant to local seniors.

Firstly, the City of Independence is home to the Fairmount Community Center, which is located at 217 South Cedar Ave in Independence, on the northwest side of town. This community center also essentially functions as a senior center, offering specific senior exercise programs, nutrition assistance and counseling, as well as social opportunities. There is also a One day per week Geriatric Specialist who sees local seniors. To contact the Fairmount Community Center, please call (816) 254-8334.

Next, there is information about the Palmer Center, which also acts as a senior activity Center. The Palmer Center is located at 218A N. Pleasant St, and the phone number is (816) 325 6200. This center also provides a wide variety of senior activities, learning opportunities, and entertainment, as well as information and referral for support services.

There are also a few faith-based organizations in Independence that offer community services to seniors in Independence. Catholic Charities offers employment programs, meal services and social and community services. To find out more about Catholic Charities, please call (816) 221-4377. Additionally, The Groves is a 'Christ-centered community that meets the needs of aging adults.' The phone number for The Groves is (816) 2543500 x440.

Lastly, we found a senior housing apartments community that, although it is not an assisted living facility in Independence, it does serve as an affordable housing option for seniors who are 62 years of age or older. Fairmount Plaza Apartments are located at 615 S. Huttig, and the contact phone number is (816) 252-2591.

Seniors living in an assisted living facility (especially those offering transportation services) can often times participate in the activities at the local senior centers, and remain plugged-in socially and emotionally to their community and friends.

Although not all of these local senior services may apply to, be accessible to, or directly benefit those who are living in an assisted living environment (especially those seniors who may have difficulty with transportation, i.e. Alzheimer's residents), these services to help in increasing the overall health and well-being of the senior population in Independence - which, we can probably all agree is a good thing!

Great questions we have received about Blue Hills Rest Home and assisted living - questions that may serve as good examples of the types of questions you might ask your facility administrators:

Do you provide assisted living for young adults on social security disability?

Do you accept Medicaid for your facility?

I am interesting in the the fees associated with care for my grandmother at Blue Hills Rest Home. I brought her by a few weeks ago and we have not been able to reach one another. I also wanted to know when a room will be available.

Do you accept patients that have a mental disability, receive Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare for payment? I am the legal guardian of my mother and conservator as well. She is 55 years in age and she just can not be left alone in her house for any length of time without having to go back into the hospital. She is non-violent, but can be uncooperative in following her treatment plan. She is currently receiving services from Comprehensive Mental Health Services. I will not be able to pay any out of pocket expenses for an assisted living facility. We need to place her immediately.

I am inquiring about my mother. She currently has a social security income of a little less than $1000. Looking for a place within the next 3-6 months.

I am a student at Everest and we are doing a research on assisted living facilities. I wanted to know what are your costs and rates,does the patient have to pay a fixed amount upon entering the facility and then pay monthly charges?

We are looking for a Missouri assisted-living arrangement for my 83-year-old mother, who is currently in another assisted-living home. What are you monthly costs, and do you accept medicaid and VA benefits?

My uncle is needing assisted care. Do you take medicaid? He has trouble standing and/or walking. I am trying to find a place where he can get the care that he needs.

How big are your rooms, and what is the monthly fee?

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Blue Hills Rest Home



Assisted Living Facility Interior

Independence, MO - Blue Hills Rest Home

Blue Hills Rest Home:
2207 North Blue Mills Road
Independence, Missouri 64058

Blue Hills Rest Home, Inc. is a Assisted Living Facility licensed for 44 residents by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. One Monthly rate provides each resident a private / semi private room, assistance with adult daily living needs, three meals, snacks housekeeping and laundry. Blue Hills Rest Home, Inc. is a smoke free environment and has a complete fire sprinkler system.

We are an excellent alternative to Intermediate or Skilled Nursing care.

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Services and amenities include, but not limited to:
Located in a rural setting witn a countryside view
On 2.5 acres
Dedicated to providing the ultimate in personal nursing care
Clean, comfortable, safe, happy and secure environment
Licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
Private and Semi Private rooms
24 hour care
Recreational programs
Church services
Planned Activities
Nutritious home-cooked meals with attention to special diets
Intercom system and private phone lines
Medication administration and distribution
Fire alarm, emergency and security systems
Handicap facility
& Much, much more!

Contact Directly: 816-796-3376

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