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Bellhaven Senior Care Home in Sacramento, California

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care home exterior

Bellhaven's kitchen

patio and back yard

Sacramento, California - Belhaven Senior Care Home- excellent care awaits!

At Belhaven Senior Care Home we pride ourselves on excellent care in a home-environment with a special focus on each individual’s health and safety, as well as their social and emotional fulfillment. Residents can start their day relaxing with a cup of coffee and the morning paper, enjoying the tranquil backyard oasis. Evenings are often spent playing games or enjoying a movie together in the great room.

Each suite is thoughtfully appointed and comfortably furnished. If you prefer a blank canvas you may bring your loved one’s furnishings and we will help you set up a space that feels just like home. We offer private rooms, shared rooms, accommodations for couples, and options to fit your budget. With a maximum of 6 residents, you can be sure that attentive, personalized care and companionship are always provided.

Please contact us today (916) 612-0169

Dining: Three nutritious, home cooked meals are provided daily, and snacks are always available. We love to incorporate our resident’s favorite meals into our menu, and can accommodate individual dietary needs. Optimal nutrition and hydration are key to our resident’s health and well-being, and we take great pride in the tasty meals that are served in our comfortable dining room.

We love to whip up fresh homemade soups and breads in the winter and healthy refreshing farmer’s market salads in the summer. Some of our resident’s favorite meals include turkey tettrizini, salmon, mango, and arugula salad, and Mr. Brooks’ famous firehouse chicken enchiladas.

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Services and Amenities
Assistance with groomingdressing, bathing, and continence are provided in a caring and gentle manner
Resident medication is safeguarded and administered at designated intervals
Scheduling of transportation to medical and dental appointments
All inclusive housekeeping and laundry service -Observation of physical and mental well-being, and monitoring for changes

Resident safety is priority number one.

Our staff are extensively trained in fall prevention, and our home is appointed with regulation safety equipment.

Each bedroom is equipped with a security call bell so residents and their families can have the comfort of knowing that help is just seconds away at any hour of the day or night.

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