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Find Assisted Living in Albany, New York - Certified Senior Care Advisors

Our certified consultants will help to identify your assisted living needs, and help you through every step of the process. Our Advisors have received their Certified Senior Advisor certification to earn their expertise in Albany, New York. Our service is 100% free to you!

3 Easy Steps In Finding The Best Senior Care In Your Area

Our Senior Care Consultants Will Perform:

Step One- The Assessment/Interview

  • Identify your loved one’s care needs and preferences
  • Identify personal preferences/location
  • Identify hobbies and lifestyle preferences
  • identify budget preferences

Step Two- “Matching Needs & Preferences”

  • They will then “match” all the information from Step One and narrow down your options to 3 or 4 pre screened and CarePatrol approved care providers.

Step Three- Tour Our Recommendations

  • Our Senior Care Consultant can personally bring you to our recommendations for a tour (much like a realtor does) or if you would rather go by youself, we can arrange the details of your tour accordingly.

Cities like Albany are truly a joy to research when it comes to assisted living. There are so many wonderful places to turn for excellent, trustworthy facility information and support.

In our facilities section below, we've included a link to a Housing Options for Senior Adults guide, that is excellent and comprehensive.

This guide is free, and details the senior care and assisted living options in Albany and the capital region. It features important information like monthly costs/rents, facility size, special features, and so much more.

We've also listed facilities on this page - all may be contacted directly, and safely.

We also recommend becoming familiar with Albany County's Department on Aging - which also offers plentiful information for seniors and families in Albany. Intro byD. Besnette

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How To View Quarterly Survey, Inspections & Complaints Reports for Assisted Living Facilities in Albany

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Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care Homes - Albany

Atria crossgate

Atria Crossgate

140 Washington Avenue Extension Albany, NY 12203

Number of beds: 59

(518) 869-0211

866-315-1354Pricing & Availability
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  • Independent Living
  • Supportive Living
Atria Shaker Albany

Atria Shaker

345 Northern Blvd Albany, NY 12204

(518) 465-4444

877-644-2963Pricing & Availability
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  • Supportive Living
  • Memory Care
Loudonville Home Albany

Loudonville Home For Adults

298 Albany Shaker Rd Loudonville, NY 12211

(518) 463-4398

866-666-1057Pricing & Availability
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  • Assisted Living
  • Enhanced Assisted Living
  • Memory Care
Mcauley Residence Alb

Mc Auley Residence Assisted Living Program (ALP)

308 S Manning Blvd Albany, NY 12208

(518) 437-8400

888-981-6827Pricing & Availability
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  • 24-hour staffing with a nurse available at all times
  • Attractively furnished private rooms with a half bath
  • Telephone and cable hook-up in each room
  • Individually controlled thermostat for heat and air conditioning
  • Lounges

much more!

Massry Residence Albany

Massry Residence at Daughters of Sarah

182 Washington Ave. Albany,NY 12203

Assisted Living Capacity: 70

(518) 689-0453

866-666-1057Pricing & Availability
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Atria Shaker

Atria Shaker

345 Northern Boulevard Albany, NY 12204

Number of Beds: 137

Phone: (518) 465-4444

866-981-5725Pricing & Availability
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Mcauley Residence Albany

McAuley Residence

308 South Manning Boulevard Albany, NY 12208

Number of Beds: 48

Assisted Living Program beds: 48

Phone: (518) 437-8400

877-345-1716Pricing & Availability
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Westmere Home For Adults Albany

Westmere Home for Adults

5 Gipp Road Albany, NY 12203

Number of Beds: 16

Assisted Living Residence (ALR) beds: 16

Enhanced ALR Beds: 16

Phone: (518) 456-8355

888-502-2057Pricing & Availability
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Additional Support

Cp Albany

Albany & The Capital District - Certified CSA Senior Consultant

My name is Richard, and I am local to the Albany/Capital area!

I am here to help you to find the assisted living or memory care that is the best match for you, or your loved one in Albany. I am certified, experienced, and looking forward to helping you.

There is no fee or charge for my services!

I invite you to learn more about me and what I can do for you!

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Need More?

Learn about two highly useful NY assisted living research tools offering detailed information on the state's Assisted Living Programs/Facilities!

* This guide is a printable/downloadable .pdf detailing the senior housing options in Albany, and includes facility monthly costs!

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