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Median daily and monthly

Levels of Care in Maryland:

Maryland classifies care into several categories: Level 1: Low Level of Care; Level 2: Moderate Level of Care; Level 3: High Level of Care and Level 3+: For Specific Patients.

Maryland Health Care Commission:

Guide to assisted living facilities website - MHCC is the state agency responsible for developing the Assisted Living Guide. Phone: 334.262.5523

Elder Abuse:

Report suspected abuse by calling 800-677-1116

Assisted Living Tidbits

Interesting questions and comments that we have received about Sterling Kosher and assisted living:

My wife and I know nothing about assisted living. I am 77 and my wife is 70. Money is very important - what does it cost to obtain a residence at Sterling Kosher? How large are the residences and what are the monthly costs? We will have to relocate from out of state and we need a Jewish Congregation. Please send us details.

Q: I'm writing on behalf of my father-in-law. He is 82, currently in an independent-living subsidized senior building, but needing more assistance. What are your fees at Sterling Kosher? Do you have a sliding scale and/or subsidies? - Roseanne

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The Sterling is an assisted living facility that is located in the Baltimore area, offering residents a choice in assisted living care

This resident at Sterling Kosher seems to be having a fun time with an activity

A couple taking a walk around the grounds of Sterling Kosher

An assisted living resident of Sterling Kosher that is happy with the care she receives here at this wonderful facility!


Baltimore, MD - Sterling Kosher Assisted Living

Residents received respectful and compassionate 24 hour care. Our licensed assisted living homes are located in the heart of the Baltimore Jewish community.

Locations in the Baltimore Area:

The Sterling assisted living facility is located at 3510 Labyrinth Road. Baltimore, MD 21215
Sterling Hospitality is located at 7015 Park Heights Avenue.

E-mail Sterling Kosher directly using the contact form below!

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More about Sterling Assisted Living

No hidden costs
Residents come from a variety of different backgrounds
Different levels of care are available
We provide a free in-home consultation for you and your family members
We accept long-term care insurance
Our 24-hour staff members include: Certified Nursing Assistants, Medication Administration Technicians, trained in First Aid, CPR, and Dementia Care.
There are several funding options including Maryland State vouchers and Baltimore City grants

Sterling Assisted Living
3510 Labyrinth Road (office)
Baltimore, MD 21215

Sterling Care

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