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Stagecoach Senior Living Assisted Living Facility in Magnolia, Texas

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"TALA members subscribe to a philosophy which offers cost-effective, safe, personalized and quality care; fosters resident independence and individuality; allows residents' choice of care and lifestyle; protects residents' rights to privacy; nurtures the spirit of residents with dignity and respect; and involves family, friends and the community." Website

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Interesting questions and comments that we have received about Stagecoach and assisted living:

Q: I have visited your facility a couple of times and met with you on placing my Dad here for Dementia care. My mother (stubborn) is trying her best to keep him at home caring for him herself, but I think she has finally come to the point of needing to place him in a facility (He went in the hospital last night too weak to walk.) I need to know if you have any available rooms. Call me to discuss. Also, I would like to volunteer to help out.

Q: 48 year old female needing assisted living for mental illness. I am interested in learning more about Stagecoach Senior Living. I need to bring dogs for emotional security. Rent needs to be subsidized as I live on social security. I would be an asset to your facility, especially with my dogs as they are loving and giving as well. I prefer 1br but would take a studio. I am very kind and love to help others. Need support for other mental issues but I believe my presence will be supportive and valued. I am also a veteran, disabled but non-service connected.

Q: What is the charge for your facility per month? Do you offer transportation to any Dr Visits? Are the rooms at Stagecoach private or semi-private? Do you have availability? How many residents do you have? - Shari

Q: Do you have a brochure or an information packet about your facility? - Michelle

Q: Do you take Medicare A? - Michelle

Q: Looking to place mother and step dad. Care level is different for each. She is confined to a walker or wheelchair, he isn't. She has severe OA and RA with 7 or 8 joint replacements. She requires assistance with dressing, bathing, and cooking. As of now he is very ambulatory, but even that is decreasing with time. - Jeff

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Stagecoach Senior Living

view of the kitchen area

beautifully decorated facility

seniors area

residents area for assisted living

outdoor patio

entryway for Stagecoach Senior Living LLC


Magnolia, Texas - Stagecoach Senior Living-"Compassionate care with a personal touch"

Stagecoach Senior Living Located at 13715 Stagecoach Rd, Magnolia, TX. 77355

Our assisted living facility was designed and built to provide comfort, beauty, and privacy you would find in your own home. The calm and welcomed atmosphere help our residents easily accommodate and fell safe. Our main goal is to help each resident reach and maintain their highest level of functioning.

E-mail us directly using the contact form below!

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Services and amenities include, but are not limited to:

24-hour care with awake night time trained staff
Homemade meals
Laundry service
Bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, toileting assistance- daily
Incontinence care
Activity program
24-hour RN supervision
Medication administration
Diabetic Management Program
Advance care for Dementia & Alzheimer patients
Fall prevention program
Hospice and home health available
In-home Physicians visits
Individualized care planning


Contact Stagecoach Directly:

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