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The Sarah Daft Home Assisted Living in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Sarah Daft Home Assisted Living facility in Salt Lake City, Utah provides seniors an affordable choice for assisted living in Salt Lake City

Sarah Daft testimonial

Sarah Daft Home - seniors

resident bedroom


Salt Lake City, UT - The Sarah Daft Home

"Affordable Assisted Living since 1912."

* The only nonprofit assisted living facility in Salt Lake City.

Call directly:  801.582.5104

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As a nonprofit organization, The Sarah Daft Home provides high-quality, affordable assisted living services.

Sarah Daft Home Services - Room and Board:

 Three home-cooked meals daily plus a snack
 Weekly housekeeping service
 Weekly laundry service and linen change
 All utilities except telephone
 Expanded basic cable TV

Basic Medical Services:

 Medication assistance
 Wellness clinic to monitor blood pressure, pulse, weight, blood sugar and hearing aids
 Emergency alarms in each apartment
 Fall prevention and exercise program
 Primary Care Doctor Clinic three weeks each month from the U of U Family and Preventive Medicine Team


 Doctor visits
 Grocery shopping


 Hair salon *
 Bathing assistance *
 Podiatrist *


 Daily entertainment and activities
 Indoor and outdoor recreation areas
 Field trips
 Sunday church services

All services are included in the room rate. Only those marked with an * require an additional fee.

737 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 582-5104

Facility availability

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