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Saint Simeon's Senior Community in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Saint Simeon's care for seniors

our in-house therapy dog at Saint Simeon's
Our in-house therapy dog

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Saint Simeon's Senior Community

Saint Simeon's Senior Community offers four distinct levels of care in Assisted Living, including four apartment sizes. Saint Simeon's offers breathtaking views of downtown Tulsa and is situated on a beautiful 50-acre campus. Additionally, Saint Simeon's offers a 24-hour RN in its Assisted Living area and a higher staff-to-Resident than most Assisted Living communities.

3701 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Tulsa, OK 74106

Licensed Beds: 88

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Services Offered
 Assisted Living (4 Levels - including Memory Support)
 Memory Care
 Independent Cottage Living
 Skilled Nursing
 Memory Center

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