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Oak Park Guest Home Assisted Living Facility in Andrews, North Carolina

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Good questions and comments that we have received about Oak Park and assisted living:

What is the cost per month to be a resident at Oak Park? Does every patient have their own private room and private bathroom? What kind of security do you provide? What kind of transportation to stores, restaurants and for emergencies do you provide? What about a personal emergency button per patient?

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Oak Park Guest Home

Assisted Living Residents in Andrews, NC

Andrews, North Carolina - Staying Independent, Oak Park Guest Home Adult Care Home

Oak Park Guest Home
288 6th. St. Andrews, N.C. 28901

Oak Park is a small care home for folks over 65. We are located in the Appalachan mountains of western north carolina. We accomadate residental long term care along with respite and hospice. The home is surounded with flower and vegatable gardens. Amenities cover home style cooked meals, 24 hour supervision, medication management, personal care plans, phone and cable hookup along with laundry services and much more. Smoking area is provided.

North Carolina


Amenities cover:

home style cooked meals
24 hour supervision
medication management
personal care plans
phone and cable hookup along with laundry services
laundry services
Smoking area is provided
and much more!

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