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Q: I am having a hip surgery in a few weeks and need to stay in a rehabilitation facility with excellent physical therapy, the facility needs to be in network with united healthcare, my policy is their best one so it should cover my stay, please let me know which facilities in the Durango area you recommend you can call or leave a message thank you! - Vickie

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Assisted Living Directory iconDurango, one of our favorite cities to write about, is located in a beautiful area of Southwest Colorado. David, our editor, has spent much time there, and although it is known as a college town (Fort Lewis College is located there), there is a significant and growing senior population.

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Durango, located in La Plata County, is served by the San Juan Basin Area Agency On Aging (970-565-8427) which acts to support Durango's seniors through programs and services geared towards it's senior/aging population.

In addition, the City of Durango offers further activities and opportunities through the Durango Senior Center, located 2424 Main Avenue in Durango.

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Durango Assisted Living: Featured Facilities & Services

Sunshine Gardens Assisted Living Durango

Durango, Colorado - Sunshine Gardens Senior Communities

Come live in beautiful Durango, Colorado. Our town is small and quaint yet boasts many of the big city amenities. Sunshine Gardens Senior Communities is situated on one and one half acres overlooking the beautiful Animas Valley. Residents enjoy deer watching, beautiful leaf changes, soft dry snowfall and perfect summer weather. For seniors (over 50) we offer full-service assisted living for those who need protective oversight and opt for a maintenance free lifestyle. Call us today and let us schedule a personal tour or answer specific questions that you may have. Monthly rentals available.

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Durango - Additional Senior Care & Assisted Living Options

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Sunshine Gardens West
This has to be one of the best, funniest, and well-done videos about moving into assisted living that we have ever seen - it's a video about a dad moving into Sunshine Gardens:

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Our Full-Circle Retirement Story - Durango

I do know a lot about Durango, and lately, I feel as if Durango is coming back to me in a full-circle sense.

I first visited Durango when I was maybe 6, and I have very vague memories of it. My folks would pack the kids in back of the station wagon, and drive through the reservation that spans the four-corners area, usually stopping for lunch at a wind-blown, desolate rest area - on our way to Southwest Colorado. I remember the sense of excitement I felt as we passed the four-corners monument, and then slowly, the landscape started to change. Desert became more scrub-brush, and then, off on the horizon, the distant, watercolor-ish streak of horizontal blue that hinted of mountains off in the distance. As the streaks of blue turned into greens, blues, purples, and whites on top, I knew we were near Durango.

I loved this area for some reason. Maybe it was just the sense of being in the crisp, mountain air, in a town that is a gateway to things exciting and to be explored. On one trip, we took the Durango to Silverton train, and my head hung out the window for so long that I had little bits of rock and dust in my hair. I was that excited to investigate the scenery, and landscape.

We had many trips like that to Durango when I was a kid. Now that I live in Colorado, I have a 6-year old of my own, and we have made frequent trips to this "four corners" gem, retracing some of the steps and adventures I took as a kid.

My wife and I now talk about retirement, and where we might land once the kid (or kids...this part is still being discussed) fly the coop. Landing in Durango as seniors has always been towards the top of our list. With so many wonderful things to do in Durango - and being such central launching point for other adventures in the area, it would be hard to top.

We do wonder about the cold winters. As life goes on, we've become less tough, and prefer warmer weather - as most seniors do. Durango certainly gets chilly. We also wonder about care options for seniors. It seems to us, that, at this point, Durango could use a few more care options, or assisted living places - should our health ever take a turn. Being a college town, there is a large percentage of younger folks living here, but I imagine as time goes on, seniors will definitely have a strong presence here.

Who knows, it may grow by at least two in about 20 years. We'll keep you posted on that! By


Assisted Living Facilities, Senior and Long Term Care in Durango, Colorado (CO)

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