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Learn About Delaware's Elderly & Disabled Medicaid Waiver

Assisted Living Directory iconWritten By: - Founder/Editor for Assisted Living Directory
Summary: By far, one of the most searched topics on our site is about Medicaid & Assisted Living Waivers. People want to know what they cover, how to apply, and if they can help offset the cost of assisted living. Waivers are different state-to-state, with some geared more towards seniors and assisted living, while others are geared towards seniors still living at home. This page provides an overview of the Delaware Elderly & Disabled Waiver.

The need for assisted living often sneaks up on families so quickly, there's almost a panic about what they're going to do, and how to pay for it. Naturally, it's a legitimate concern, since assisted living is very expensive - period. To add to this, often times assisted living care must be paid out-of-pocket, or with little help from insurance or state/federal programs.

This is why one of the most interest-generating topics on our site has always been about Assisted Living / Medicaid Waivers. Families want to know if there is any state and or federal assistance available to help pay for care. It can be confusing to say the least.

Unfortunately, there is no national standard for waivers, and some states may cover more than others.

Delaware's waivers covering assisted living

In a nutshell, Delaware, according to the Delaware General Assembly / Delaware Regulations site, and a proposed amendment to the ยง1915(c) Home and Community-Based Services Waiver, has recognized three different waiver programs: the Elderly & Disabled (E&D) Waiver, the Assisted Living (AL) Waiver, and the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waiver. Unfortunately, the Assisted Living (AL) and the (ABI) waivers are slated to be discontinued, according to the state, and all three are now consolidated under the Elderly & Disabled Waiver (E&D). This is the State's attempt to maximize efficiency, since "many current services and service providers are shared across waivers."

There is a very thorough, 113 page document provided by the State of Delaware detailing the amendment from 2010

It's complicated - yes. Fortunately, there is a good page with more straightforward information about the State's offerings on the Assisted Living Waiver, and the Home and Community Based Waivers, and what they cover for seniors.

A simplified, visual summary, provided through the State's ADRC Guide to Services:

Summary of Delawar's Waivers

The answer to the million-dollar question "Does Delaware's Medicaid/Waiver cover the cost of assisted living?"

The answer, according to the State is: "In Delaware, Medicaid can pay part of the cost of assisted living care for those who qualify." So yes, sort of. You have to first find out if you qualify, and then, find a licensed facility that offers the covered services you need (fortunately, Delaware is a small state, so I'd be willing to bet that families might be a little more flexible on facility location. See a list of Delaware assisted living facilities, including state resources and search tools.

There are several excellent pages on the State's Division of Services for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities section (this is the department that manages and administers the Assisted Living Waiver Program.

There is also an excellent, almost 300 page .pdf guide (printable and downloadable) with comprehensive information on the State's services geared towards older Delawarans:

Delaware guide to elderly services

This guide includes additional information on the State's Waiver programs.

So, how do I learn more, and where can I go to apply?

At this time, we were not able to find the actual application form for any of the Waiver programs online, but they do recommend contacting them directly for more information:

Help and contact

If you are interested in the Waiver programs and which facilities may suit your needs, there will certainly be a bit of research to be done on your part. However, I hope that this page offered the direction and resources you need to find out if you or your family member qualifies for these services.

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Responses to this article

Natalie Wrote:
It's nice that you offer this information on your site - I know that it probably takes your visitors 'away' from your site, which most other sites don't like. Anyways, helpful, and appreciated.
25 August 2014 at 11:22 am

Owen Wrote:
I appreciate this helpful information on Delaware's Waiver. I wish there were a national-type program to help seniors cover assisted living. It's so expensive and inaccessible to most people, unfortunately.
20 May 2014 at 9:23 am

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