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Assisted Living Tidbits

How does your community communicate to you? Most cities in the US use the internet as a means to communicate to their residents. As most of us are becoming more and more computer savvy, and with the increasing popularity of mobile devices that have browsing capabilities, having a website is crucial to just about anyone who wishes to share information, and target it to a specific group.

Seniors are also joining the information superhighway in large numbers nowadays. Seniors have much easier access to computers now than they did just a few years ago, and seniors also often times have access to computer classes and instruction - often times free, or for a small fee - through their local senior center, or even assisted living facility (many facilities offer a robust activities schedule and calendar, which often times may include personalized computer instruction).

However, one of the most tried-and-true ways to communicate to seniors in your community is through a regular newsletter. Newsletters are wonderful ways to keep up-to-date with the latest information, happenings, events and news relevant to seniors, retirement, assisted living & long-term care, or anything else.

Auburn's Senior Moments Newsletter

The wonderful thing about a newsletter is it's versatility. The newsletter can be posted on a website, and downloaded through a .pdf document, or even a word document (there are actually a number of good formats that can be used). Newsletters can also be emailed to a group on a mailing list, which is a great way to remind people that a new issue is out.

Newsletters can also be printed out easily. Even though we live in a very digital age, there are still a good number of people who like to 'hold' what they are reading, much like a newspaper.

The City of Auburn's Parks & Recreation Department offers a "Senior Moments" newsletter that goes out monthly. They have done a beautiful job incorporating local photography, superb graphics and colors, and great content to create an excellent and professional-looking newsletter for local seniors in Auburn.

The newsletter offers a lot of good information, such as details about local trips for seniors, holiday information, recipes, a calendar of events, and even a trivia section.

Newsletters can be extremely helpful to residents in assisted living facilities who are not very mobile, in that they allow the resident to keep plugged in to what is happening, and to help them, and their facility to facilitate and schedule transportation to and from events.

The City of Auburn also offers a Quarterly Brochure that further details trips, and information about their Senior Programs.

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On this page: direct and safe Contact Facilities Directly!

Assisted Living Directory icon This page was created to provide a starting point for your research into assisted living facilities  and senior care options in  Auburn, Alabama.(image: this facility holds the distinction of being the first assisted living facility in Auburn - built in 1996!)

*Unlike many seniors sites, the facilities on this page may be contacted directly and safely!

Auburn residents enjoy access to a number of excellent senior services and agencies that exist to support local families, long-distance caregivers, and residents of the various senior care facilities in the Area.

Notably, the Lee-Russell Council of Governments houses an Agency on Aging that serves as an umbrella to many programs and assistance relevant to aging. Examples of services provided include: Home Delivered Meals to eligible senior citizens, LTC Ombudsman and legal assistance, Information, Outreach and Referral.

The agency also operates and manages four senior centers located in Auburn, as well as in Lee and Russell Counties.

The City of Auburn has a helpful Senior Citizens page on it's website that provides additional information about local senior programs and activities in Auburn. You'll find information about the Auburn Adult Daycare Center, how to report elder abuse, health programs, and much more! You can visit the seniors page here. Intro by

Assisted Living & Senior Care Options for Auburn

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Azalea Place (EAMC)

Azalea Place senior bedroom

Services, Amenities and Features may include:
 42-bed residence
 Assisted Living
 Respite Care
 Formal living room
 activity room with large screen TV
 A LPN and our Care Assistants are available 24 hours a day
 A variety of choices provided on a menu for each meal
1601 Professional Parkway
Auburn, AL
(334) 501-0904

Total number of beds: 42

Camellia Place (East Alabama Medical Center)

Camellia Place interior

Services, Amenities and Features may include:
 38 studio/apartment assisted living residences
 Assisted Living
 Respite Care
 A LPN and our Care Assistants are available 24x7 delicious home-cooked meals
 Additional services of supportive care, continence management and cognitive support for those seniors with Dementia are available
1171 Gatewood Drive #206
Auburn, AL
(334) 502-6008

Total number of beds: 58

Magnolia Place (EAMC)

Magnolia Place living area for seniors

Services, Amenities and Features may include:
The 1st assisted living facility built in Auburn in 1996
 Assisted Living
 Respite Care
1553 Professional Parkway
Auburn, AL
(334) 826-9857

Total number of beds: 40

Morningside of Auburn

Morningside of Auburn

What we do: Daily Living Assistance Dining Program
 Suite Layouts
 Wellness Program
 Assisted Living Community
871 Twinforks Ave
Auburn, Alabama, 36830
Total number of beds: 49
(334) 887-1061


**Note: Several of the facilities on this page refer to "EAMC" which stands for the Eastern Alabama Medical Center. The EAMC mission statement: "East Alabama Medical Center strives to provide high quality care in a compassionate and cost-effective manner appropriate to the needs of our patients, through our employees and physicians, for the benefit of our communities." For general hospital information please call (334) 749-3411.

East Alabama Medical Center
2000 Pepperell Parkway
Opelika, Alabama 36801

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Learn Facility Deficiencies and Inspection Reports - This is a great, state-sponsored way to research assisted living!

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To find the right facility, at the right price that offers the care and services you need take research, time, and patience.

Unfortunately, time is a finite resource, and is even more scarce for those of us in the "Sandwich Generation" - caring for children on one end, yet managing the well-being and care for an elderly parent.

Regardless of your situation or needs, our assisted living advisors - experts that Assisted Living Directory has worked closely with for several years - can help take much of the burden of finding the right senior care environment for mom, dad, or a loved-one.

Our experts are trained to sort through the many options available in Lee (and Russell) county, and the Auburn area - and to focus on which facility fits your specific and unique needs, finances, and lifestyle.

Our advisors work with facilities on a personal level, and often times are able to offer discounts that aren't readily available to the general public.

All of the services provided by our advisors are at no-cost to you, or your family.

Assisted Living Facilities & Senior Care in Auburn, Alabama (AL)

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