What’s wrong with this picture?

My homepage:

And a “competitors” homepage:

They are exactly the same.  Problem is, I wrote my content – the “competitor” site stole it.   Actually, they had taken dozens of pages from me, and their site has another problem – they have absolutely no contact form or information at all on their site, and no contact information in the whois record, so really no way to contact them.  Really bad.

The only hint of ownership was a “powered by” at the bottom going to some hosting website, so I emailed them.   A guy got back to me pretty quickly and removed the pages I had busted them on (stealing from my assisted living directory) – the pages were gone almost immediately.   I emailed him again after I found more, and instantly they were gone.

My strong suspicion is that the hosting site obviously owns this scraper site, because they haven’t taken the site down (which any legitimate hosting company would have/should have done with an obvious scraper site).

So, a few days later, I went through their site very thoroughly and found this page, which is a dupe of MY homepage, that I wrote and created.

I’m not really interested in bugging them any more about it – this obviously doesn’t work with them.

It’s just amazing to me the lengths people will go to to be lazy.   Google will figure this out sooner or later, so I am not too concerned about it.  It’s just lame, and bad ju-ju for them.

If my “competitor” will contact me personally and fess up to this, I will remove this post.   It’s all on you……

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