Be Wary of Sites That Omit Direct Contacts

David Besnette

What is your opinion on this (please comment below), I’d really like to know, as I know that it drives a lot of people nuts when they search for assisted living, and I believe that this questionable tactic is sneaky, and preys on seniors who may not know better.

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I’m talking about many of the other assisted living sites out there, many of them are huge, listing almost every facility from coast to coast.  They list much, or some of the information or photos about the facility – but they omit the facility’s direct contact number or way to get a hold of them directly.

Instead, so many times, they’ll pull the switcheroo, and put their own generated “800” number in place of it, and say something like “speak to a care advisor” – often times someone who has never stepped foot inside the facility, and their ‘qualifications’ are pretty questionable too.

I know why these other sites do this – they command a pretty sweet fee every time that number is called.

An Example (screenshot):

Other site example of omit contacts

Here’s an example on one of the ‘bigger’ sites out there – they offer information about this facility, but they try to steer you into calling their own number.  There isn’t a choice given (I’m not against offering help on a website, but I am against forcing users into it).

Sometimes, they may offer a helpful service, but again, no choice is given.  Other times, as I know first-hand from working within this industry for almost a decade, is that once you call that number, many of these sites will then sell your personal information and data to the highest bidder.  You’ll be hounded for weeks, if not longer.

Is that a good practice?  I think not.   That’s where Assisted Living Directory is different.  We offer a choice, and we allow facilities to be contacted directly.  We do offer ways for you to get help, or to ask a question, but it is not forced.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

– David



2 thoughts on “Be Wary of Sites That Omit Direct Contacts

  1. Lynn

    It definitely drove me crazy. Seems like it should not be legal for sites to do this… Imagine if the phone book did that.

  2. david

    Lynn, I agree, unfortunately there are very few places online you can go to ‘complain’ about this or actually have action taken. I’d be pretty upset if I had a business, and someone took my info and replaced the phone with theirs. Sadly it’s a common practice in our industry.

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