Using a ‘slider’ to enhance your facility videos

This past weekend, I went on a little excursion to western Colorado, and I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a ‘slider’ from a friend of mine – Dave from

Basically, what a slider does is to give a sense of movement to your videos – smoothly.   The camera essentially sits on a floating head, or tripod head, and then is attached to a moving plate on the slider.   The slider tracks are very smooth, so you are able to capture video while sliding the camera along the track, making your videos much more interesting and professional looking (I think).

The videos I took this weekend inspired me to use the slider in the future when I do interviews at facilities, or videotape assisted living facilities for our ‘facility spotlight’ section that we are working on releasing soon.

The important thing that I have learned is to make sure to have a lens that is wide-enough angle to get a lot in the frame, and to also make sure that as you move the camera along the slider, to have something in the foreground.  If there isn’t anything in the foreground close to the camera, you won’t really get much of a sense of movement.  Some good foreground candidates are fences, ground, rocks, or signs (there is an assisted living facility near me with an awesome sandstone and rock/slab sign out front for the facility that I want to capture soon with the slider).

The equipment I used was a Canon T2i DSLR digital camera, and a Konova Slider, which you can get from

Video is becoming more and more important and essential for any marketing effort in most industries, including assisted living, and I believe that people are quickly turned off by shoddy or poor quality video (which, may give the impression that the services at the facility are of equal quality).    Creating a video that is memorable, professional, high-quality, and unique will keep your visitors interested, and might result in a new resident.

I hope you enjoy the shots I took from my trip, and I encourage you to keep an eye out for future videos that I will produce using the slider inside (and out) of assisted living facilities that I visit!

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