How To Learn Daily Rates for Maryland Assisted Living Facilities

How To Learn Daily Rates for Maryland Assisted Living Facilities

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By David Besnette for Assisted Living Directory

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Without a doubt, cost of care is at the forefront of people’s minds when they are researching assisted living.    Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Care, or even smaller residential care homes can be extraordinarily expensive, and families are often faced with ‘sticker shock’ when they finally learn what the real cost of care is.

I say ‘finally’ because most often, cost of care is not something that is easily found for most facilities as you conduct your online research.  Facilities would more readily prefer that you call to get that information, so they have a chance to speak to you and to convince you to consider their care or community.

I really wish costs or facility pricing was a requirement for facilities to put on their websites, and in their marketing materials.   This would save families a ton of time if they could quickly narrow down their facility possibilities to a group that they know they can actually afford.

That’s why for those who are researching assisted living in Maryland, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a comprehensive, and state-supported site that offers exactly what we’re talking about – the actual daily rates, or cost of assisted living for each facility.

How To Learn Daily Rates for Maryland Assisted Living

You will need to visit the Maryland Health Care Commission site, and their excellent Consumer Guide to Long Term Care.

Their site (at this time) looks like this:


This is an amazing resource that should not be missed when researching any type of long-term care in Maryland (statewide) including assisted living.

Aside for the excellent consumer information, guides, county resources, lists of Area Agencies on Aging, and more – you’ll see (on the right) a link to “Assisted Living.”   

services search Maryland

You’ll then be taken to a very intuitive services and providers search page.   Simply:

  • Select your facility type (assisted living)
  • Select your County

Then, you will get an interactive map with pinpoints on facilities in the county you selected.  You can zoom in our out, and move around – then, select a facility.

Alternatively, you can scroll through the list of facilities after the map display, and you’ll see a chart detailing the care types provided by each facility, as well as daily rates for:

  • Private Room rate per day
  • Double Room rate per day
  • Triple Room rate per day

Clicking on a facility, you will be treated to even  more information, often times a photo of the facility, direct contacts, number of licensed beds, and several tabs of additional facility information including:

  • Ownership
  • Facility Services
  • Private Pay Daily Rates
  • Facility Survey Reports
  • Staff Influenza Vaccination Rates (Maryland is one of the only states we’ve seen this category for)

Going to the Private Pay Daily Rates, you’ll again see the Minimum/Maximum rates per day for:

  • Private One bedroom
  • Semi-Private Room with two beds
  • Triple room with three beds
  • Apartments

Daily Rates

This information should be considered very accurate, trustworthy, and since it is a state-supported site, it is non-commercial in nature.

This site is also a great stand-alone way to research assisted living options throughout Maryland!

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