Chandler boring? Say it isn’t so!

I came across a December 2008 Forbes magazine article that lists the 10 most “boring” cities in America, and since I am a native Arizonan, I was not thrilled to see 2 of our desert cities on the list – Chandler being one of them! You can read the full article here
That’s unfortunate, as I believe that Chandler has a lot to offer. Sure, it’s suburbia and gets lost in the shadow of Phoenix, but Chandler offers a great family-friendly community atmosphere, nice homes, and of course, plenty of sunshine year-round that allows residents and visitors to keep up with their golf game, running, hiking and the like.
Chandler is also a great place for seniors and retirees – plenty of assisted living homes in Chandler have been built in recent years due to the growing influx of “permanent snowbirds.”

I like Chandler – I have been there many times, and I think it is a well planned community with a lot to offer.   I actually don’t care for Phoenix that much – too busy, and too big.  I am happy settling for life in the shadows – or at least visiting,  from time to time,  not-so-boring Chandler!

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