10 Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville that Accept Medicaid

10 Assisted Living Facilities in Jacksonville that Accept Medicaid

David Besnette

By David Besnette for Assisted Living Directory

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You might wonder why Assisted Living Facilities don’t tell you that they accept Medicaid.   If you go to most any website for an assisted living facility, payment options are usually not discussed, and whether Medicaid is accepted is kept secret.

The reasons I have heard from most facility owners is that they can get more money out of those people who are private pay.   It’s easier for them in terms of paperwork, and less hassle all around.

Additionally, many states don’t even facilitate a relationship between Medicaid and assisted living.  However, Florida is one of the handful of states that does allow Medicaid to help cover the cost of assisted living.

Medicaid assisted living in Jacksonville

For Jacksonville, here are 10 assisted living facilities that do accept Medicaid:

  1.  BISHOP CHRISTIAN HOME, INC.   This facility is licensed for 44 beds, and is a for-profit entity.   It is located at 1627 EAST 8TH STREET JACKSONVILLE, FL 32206.    Their phone number is (904) 355-9731, and at this time, they accept both Medicaid and VA for payment.    Additionally, they work with the Assisted living Waiver.
  2.  ARLINGTON HAVEN ALF.  This facility is licensed for 26 beds, and is located at 6320 ARLINGTON ROAD JACKSONVILLE, FL 32211.   Their phone number is (904) 743-9069.  Currently, Arlington Haven accepts Medicaid, and has staff that speak both English and Spanish.
  3.  CIRCLE OF HOPE, INC.  This facility is located at 1550 W. 9TH ST.  JACKSONVILLE, FL 32209 and is licensed for 10 beds.  It is a not-for-profit facility and their direct phone is Phone: (904) 355-9840.   Currently, this facility accepts VA, Medicaid, HMO and CHAMPUS for payment.
  4.  EJ’S PLACE, INC.  This facility is a for-profit entity, and is located at 5045 DONCASTER AVENUE JACKSONVILLE, FL 32208, with a direct phone number of Phone: (904) 766-3700.  Currently, this assisted living facility is licensed for 6 beds, so it is a smaller, more residential-type community.   EJ’s works with the Assisted Living Wavier, Medicaid, VA, Insurance and HMO.
  5. GWK HOME OF COMFORT LLC.   This is an interesting facility in many ways.  Firstly, it does accept Medicaid, as well as Medicare, VA and HMO.   Additionally, it is geared towards a number of religious affiliations, including Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish,  and Muslim.   It is licensed for 6 beds, and also works with the Assisted Living Waiver.   GWK Home is located at 7944 CECIL STREET  JACKSONVILLE, FL 32221 and their direct phone is (904) 695-2673
  6. JUST LIKE HOME located at 5844 WINDERMERE DR JACKSONVILLE, FL 32211.  This facility is licensed for 6 beds, and is a for-profit entity.  It accepts Medicaid and VA, and it’s direct phone is: (904) 716-7106.
  7. KINGS HOUSE II, located at 8356 JUSTIN RD SOUTH JACKSONVILLE, FL 32210.   This facility is a not-for-profit licensed for 5 beds, and works with the Assisted Living Waiver, Medicaid, Medicare, and VA.  This facility’s number is: (904) 894-6828.
  8. LAFETA FAMILY HOME CARE located at 1061 DIVISION STREET JACKSONVILLE, FL 32209.  This facility’s direct number is (904) 358-3933.   Lafita Family Home Care is an assisted living facility that works with the Assisted Living Waiver, Workers Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, and VA.
  9. MYRTICE ANGELS SENIOR HOME CARE LLC, located at 2570 VERNON STREET JACKSONVILLE, FL 32209.  This facility also works with Medicaid, VA and the Assisted Living Waiver, and can be reached at (904) 355-9737.   This facility is licensed for 6 residents.
  10. NOBLE GARDENS OF JACKSONVILLE, LLC.  This facility, located at 7024 WILEY RD in Jacksonville, is licensed for 31, and accepts Medicaid and Veteran’s (VA) for payment.    This facility has staff that speaks English and Spanish.

This list should get you started!   To find more facilities in Jacksonville that accept Medicaid, please visit the facility search tool provided by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

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