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Trish Hughes-Kreis is a freelance writer and full-time Legal Administrator who advocates on behalf of her disabled youngest brother, Robert, in order to keep him as healthy and happy as possible. When not navigating the maze of social services and government programs available to help him, she keeps him entertained by being on the losing end of many card games. She is the author of her first caregiving book, Forever a Caregiver, and can be reached through her blog, Facebook ( or Twitter (@robertssister1).



Articles by Trish Exclusively For Assisted Living Directory:

2013 Articles

* 7 Ways for the Caregiver to Manage Transitions

2012 Articles

* Texas Assistance through Wavers, Star+. CBA and MFP program
* Florida Assisted Living Waiver program
* Arizona and ALTCS: What is it and How Does it Help?
* Finding Financial Assistance to Help Pay For Assisted Living in California
* Sample Assisted Living Facility Questionaire
* Local and State resources, and senior care information for Fairbanks, AK
* Local and State resources, and senior care information for Anchorage, AK

2013 Articles

* Seven Tips for Working Caregivers
* Colorado Waiver & Medicaid Programs

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