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is a freelance writer and full-time Legal Administrator who advocates on behalf of her disabled youngest brother, Robert, in order to keep him as healthy and happy as possible.

Robert has lived with intractable epilepsy his entire life and was recently diagnosed with Cumulative Traumatic Encephameylopathy and Parkinsonism (both due to repeated concussions and a lifetime of uncontrolled seizures).

Robert now lives with Trish and her husband, Richard. Trish's advocacy work includes working to expand the definition of family to include sibling care under the California Family Rights Act and Family and Medical Leave Act.

Trish has also participated in a number of interviews on managing life as a working caregiver. Trish is passionate about helping Robert fulfill his expressed life purpose of spreading awareness and education about epilepsy.

However, she is on a no less important mission of keeping a steady supply of Jeopardy and Family Feud shows recorded for him as the simple things are what make Robert truly happy. Trish can be reached through her blog, Facebook ( or Twitter (@robertssister1).

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