How To Get A Complete Excel List of Montana’s Assisted Living Facilities

David Besnette

By David Besnette for Assisted Living Directory

I love it when I can direct people to a resource that is incredibly helpful and trustworthy.    Unfortunately, in the murky waters of the internet, those types of great resources are hard to identify.

For Montana, there are s number of great tools and resources available to the public for the state’s assisted living facilities, memory & Alzheimer’s care, residential senior care and more – if you know where to look.

First, I’d like to direct you to the State’s Quality Assurance Division website, which is sort of a ‘hub’ for the State of Montana’s health care services, including assisted living.

Their site looks like this:

Quality Assurance

There’s a lot of information here about licensure,  complaint procedures, as well as contact information for the department.

How do I get a list of assisted living facilities in Montana?

Within the Quality Assurance Division, there is a section for Regulated Facility Lists, and within this section, there is a link to Residential / Health Care Facilities.   

The link opens into an Excel document which can be saved, printed modified and sorted.

The Column’s include

  • Facility Type
  • License Number
  • Facility Name
  • Facility Phone Number
  • Facility Administrator’s Name
  • License Expire Date
  • Number of Beds
  • County
  • Address (including the city and zip) both physical and mailing

The list will look like this:

Montana List of assisted living example

I did a ‘sort’ of the first column to see assisted living facilities in Montana. At this time, there are almost 300 statewide.   

I also sorted the facility size section, which is useful in that many seniors are drawn to either smaller, more residential-style facilities that offer a more home-like environment, whereas other seniors like the larger, more active, and often corporate-backed ‘community’ style assisted living.

This list is really great for those who like to write notes (not via computer) and for those times when you are touring a facility, you’ll have a list at your disposal to jot notes on, or to cross off those that are not a good match.

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